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Colonic polyps

Colonic polyps are small growths on the inside lining of the colon. They are very common in older people.

Most polyps do not cause symptoms. Some may cause blood in the stools or may result in microscopic blood found on the stool test. Large polyps may result in a change in bowel movements.

Some faulty genes may eventually cause a polyp to develop.

Hyperplastic polyps are common. They are small and are considered to be benign.

Adenomas are another type of polyps. These can become cancerous with time, over years, but the risk is small.

Polyposis syndromes are a group of rare inherited conditions that cause multiple polyps in young people with a high risk of developing into colon cancer.

Colonic polyps are found and removed during a colonoscopy and are sent for pathological analysis. According to the number, size and histological analysis of the polyps, a follow up colonoscopy is scheduled.